Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garden Beginnings

We are starting to work on my garden. I have waited six long months since we bought the house to work on the garden. These warm beautiful days have made the waiting hard. So we have begun the work. My husband built two frames that are four by eight feet each. We then filled them with 12 inches of dirt. So I will be able to reach the plants instead of depending on someone else to do all the work for me.

A few days ago we bought dirt. I tried and tried to find someone who would deliver composted soil to us but the cheapest person I could find wanted nearly $400.00 to bring it to us. I found bags of good topsoil for only $1.38 a bag at Home Depot. The girl who was helping me search online said the bags were nearly 2 square feet. So I figured I would need about 35 bags to fill the two beds. Well, when my husband picked up the dirt, the bags were less than 1 square foot. He ended up going to Home Depot four times and bringing home 90 bags of dirt to fill my two beds and give me some extra to fill pots with. My little man worked hard leveling out the dirt, first with a rack. Then he discovered it was much more fun to use his hands. Of course he did not realize that all this fun would be followed by the dreaded BATH. His least favorite thing to do.

Today we went back to Home Depot and bought some river rock to put between the two beds. I will be filling in the area with four or five stepping stones as well. Then my little one spent another hour leveling the rocks. He thought this was great fun.

I ordered seeds to plant in the garden last night. I found a wonderful company called Victory Seed Company that has heirloom seeds that have not been destroyed by Monsanto. Victory Seed Company is dedicated to keep the seeds pure. Some things like tomatos and peppers I want to use plants for. But the rest of the garden we will plant from seed. We are going to start them in the house in the next week or so. I am going to look at an Herb Farm that is not far from here to see about getting some of the plants I need.

So that's the start of my garden. While we were at Home Depot we also bought a sink and faucets and picked out counter tops for our kitchen remodel. But that's good for another post. Next month we will be totally gutting our kitchen and redoing the whole thing. Keep coming back to catch the updates on that.