Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back To Beczak Environmental Center

Today we went back to Beczak Environmental Center for a program called from Bud to Bloom. After a discussion about the Hudson River and a review for most of the children about the kinds of water in the river and the tides, we went on to projects. First the chidren colored a picture and labeled the parts of a flower. Then Doreen thought we would all be able to make origami flowers. I think all of the children gave up after the second fold of the paper. Most of the moms gave up by the fourth step. Mikeys dad was able to follow all the directions and made a perfect flower. Most of the rest of us lagged far behind.

The red flower is our poor result. I have determined that I do not like and will not pursue origami. They then made the tissue paper flower that is behind our poor little red flower. This worked out a bit better than the origami flowers. Everyone went outside for a discussion on composting. They viewed many different items and talked about why they could or could not be composted.

Finally the kids planted a gladiola bulb. I'll keep you posted as to how our little bulb survives, (or doesn't).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Finished First Grade Today

Yeah!!!!! We finally finished first grade language today. Dakota had finished first grade Math in April. He also finished second grade science and social studies in April. I had planned to finish first grade language by the end of May. Then I got sick. We did almost no school work in the month of May since I was spending all my time running to doctor's appointments. We finally ot back on track a couple of weeks ago and today we finished. Dakota does an online program called Time4Learning. He loves playing the video games and comes out of it learning so much. I like the way I can go back at the end of the day and look over what he has worked on. I printed out his report for first grade language. He got 91% for an overall grade. Now we can move on to secodn and third grade work. YEAH!!! I'm so happy to make yet another milestone in his life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Etsy Shop Is Open Again

My Etsy shop: http:/ has been closed for the last two weeks while I have been in the hospital and recovering. I am pleased to announce that the shop is once again open for business. I have added a few new fabrics to the line. I can make either a snack set or a bowl cover set with these fabrics. Some of them I have enough to make both. Please go check out the shop. If you see something you want and it's made out of a different fabric, just send me a convo to see if I can make it out of another fabric. I am attaching some pictures of the new stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, the last few weeks have been quite a ride. I don't think I've ever been on such an emotional up and down. At least not since we survived adoption hell.

In April I was diagnosed as possibly having uterine cancer. They weren't sure. Non of the tests were coming back conclusive but it was looking more and more that way. As I was bounced from one doctor to another, I began to have a lot of doubts. The first doctor said he didn't think it was cancer but wanted me to see an oncologist just to be safe. The second doctor said it was cancer. He said I needed immediate surgery but he wouldn't do it. Finally I was sent to another doctor who said it probably was cancer and he scheduled surgery for June 1. I got to tell you I was not looking forward to major surgery. Over the next couple of weeks I had cat scans and heart scans and pulmonary function test and numerous viles of blood drawn for various tests. I even had a sleep study where they tried to determine if I had sleep apnea. It seemed like I was spending ever single day at one medical office of another. For someone who hates all doctors, that was really hard. Finally the day came for the surgery. We got to the hospital and waited and waited. Finally they came in and told us they were cleaning the room and we would be going in soon. They wheeled me in to the operating room right at noon. I was able to see this wonderful device called the Da Vinci Robot. Every one was fussing over me and chatting to me. The next thing I know I see a clock that says 6:30. It took about 30 minutes before I could really focus. The doctor came in around 7:30 and told me that I had carcinosarcoma. But the good news was they got it all. But by then I was feeling pretty good. I was able to sit up and chat with the nurses. There was an older lady in the bed next to me that was really making them work for their pay that night. She complained and everything and refused anything they tried to do for her. Eventually they said as soon as my blood work comes back I would be moved to a room. Then they said there was no room for me. They let my husband come into the recovery room and they moved me down to the end of the room away from the complainer. Finally at 10:00 that night they had a room available and I was moved upstairs.

It was a very long night. I guess because I slept all day I was wide awake almost all night. Finally morning came and the tubes starting being removed. I was up and walking around the room by 10:00am. I couldn't believe how good I felt. Yes, my stomach was sore but nothing like what I had heard other people talk about. By 7:00 that night I was home.

I hope none of you ever have to face this in your life. I hope you all are safe happy and cancer free. But I got to tell you. If you ever have to have this kind of surgery, find a doctor who uses the Da Vinci. Instead of being cut from one end to the other, I have five tiny incisions. The biggest one is barely an inch long. Today is 12 days since the surgery and I'm off to the park soon. I cant believe how good I feel. Gee I keep saying that.

Life can be scarey at times. Im sure there will be lots more ups and downs in this life. But for now, I am happy and cancer free.

I want to thank all my wonderful friends and family who helped me get through this. So many people took care of Dakota while I went from one appointment to another. He was able to have a sleepover with a friend while I was in the hospital. My husband who sat with me in the hospital long after I know he wanted to be home in bed. Another friend came over to stay with me during the first few days after the surgery. It's been great. I don't think I've ever felt so much love in my life. Especially thank you Dr. Litkouhi and Mr. Da Vinci.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Etsy can be dangerous to your relationships. Please read the following message that I copied from another blog. Beware the dangers of ETSY.

A Dude's Perspective: Life as an Etsy Widower

I never dreamed I'd be a widower at age Etsy Widower, that is. My wife, Stacey, is survived by me, her husband, and our two daughters: Elle, age 3 and our new baby, Liv, due this August. I fear they will both grow up as Etsy Orphans. My only comfort is in the hope that others will hear our story and at least take solace in the fact that they are not alone.

(Oh, I should clarify, my wife hasn't died, I lost her to Etsy.)

Stacey has always been "crafty," and for years I've been supportive of her artistic endeavors. When she found Etsy it seemed harmless enough. We were excited that she would have a venue to share some of the things she's made that make being a mommy easier and more fun for her, like slings and cart covers. So, she opened the Elle Belle shop.

I've come to the conclusion that this site should have come with a disclaimer. I should have been warned — maybe a call, at least an email to the family members, something like "Beware, Etsy has been proven to be extremely habit forming."

I really underestimated the power of Etsy... the allure of the endless diversity of crafts, the variety of search methods, the vast network of like-minded artists. At first my wife was sewing and crafting just on weekends, but before I knew it, the arm of our couch became an impromptu pincushion, our vacuum clogged with strands of discarded threads, and she would even bring the laptop to bed to be with Etsy.

Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs. She had a whole different vocabulary. All conversational roads led to "listings," "treasuries," "tags," and "gift guides." Not only was the home page of every computer in the house set to, but I think I even noticed her mood change following that spiraling string of fellow crafters and customers who hearted her shop.

I'll never forget that fateful day when I overheard what was to be one of Stacey's last conversations with our daughter, Elle. She was trying desperately to convince our three year old that helping Mommy sort a box of mixed up ribbon was a fun way to spend an afternoon. But I realized the end was near when she couldn't even run a quick errand without visiting the fabric pushers or one of her thread dealers.

Stacey is in a better place now. She's gone to be with her adoring customers, loving fellow members of the Florida Etsy Street Team, and the Etsy Bloggers. She still haunts her vendors, too. I can tell from the charges that mysteriously appear in our checking account for designer fabrics, stabilizer, and crafting tools. She lives on through her tireless efforts to keep up with custom orders and dedication to her blog.

I appreciate your heartfelt condolences, and ask that in lieu of cards and flowers you send fat quarters, ribbon, and embroidery floss. Stacey would have wanted it that way.

Our daughter and I are getting along as well as could be expected, I guess, although we're worried about how the new baby will take it. We appreciate your support and want you to know we wear our Etsy Widower and Etsy Orphan shirts proudly in solidarity with all the others who share our loss. Hey, come to think of it, maybe my daughter and I should open an Etsy shop and sell those things. What's the worst thing that could happen?

To see ElleBelle's wonderful merchandise go to: