Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back To Beczak Environmental Center

Today we went back to Beczak Environmental Center for a program called from Bud to Bloom. After a discussion about the Hudson River and a review for most of the children about the kinds of water in the river and the tides, we went on to projects. First the chidren colored a picture and labeled the parts of a flower. Then Doreen thought we would all be able to make origami flowers. I think all of the children gave up after the second fold of the paper. Most of the moms gave up by the fourth step. Mikeys dad was able to follow all the directions and made a perfect flower. Most of the rest of us lagged far behind.

The red flower is our poor result. I have determined that I do not like and will not pursue origami. They then made the tissue paper flower that is behind our poor little red flower. This worked out a bit better than the origami flowers. Everyone went outside for a discussion on composting. They viewed many different items and talked about why they could or could not be composted.

Finally the kids planted a gladiola bulb. I'll keep you posted as to how our little bulb survives, (or doesn't).

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