Friday, April 22, 2011

Valley Shepherd Creamery Discriminates Against Homeschoolers

Today I took my son to Valley Shepherd Creamery for the Spring Lambing Tour. The tour had been arranged for us by a homeschooling mom. She made all the arrangements with the Creamery, telling them that this was for a homeschool group. They quoted the school discount rate for us as long as we met the minimum number of people attending. When we got there, we got there, we were told that the discount rate is only for school groups. We were told that we could still go on the tour but that we would have to pay the full price that individuals would pay if they were taking the tour. No discounts would be provided to us at all. Homeschoolers do not count. There were over 50 parents and children there to participate in this tour. Many of the families just turned around and went home. I drove an hour and a half to get to Valley Shepherd Creamery. My son was very upset at the idea of going all that way and just turning around and going home. So I paid the full price for my son and I to go on the tour. But the whole time we were there, all I could think of was the way we were being treated.

I have in the past planned and organized a trip to Valley Shepherd Creamery. I have been on other trips planned by other moms. We were always treated very well. What has changed at Valley Shepherd Creamery? Are they so big now that they don't need our business? Do they suddenly think that homeschooled children do not need educational opportunities like this? Perhaps they think that homeschooled children don't feel the same joy at cuddling a newborn lamb as children who go to school do?

I don't know what the reasoning was for the way we were treated today. But I know that this will be the last time I visit Valley Shepherd Creamery. Usually when we go there, we spend $50 to $60 on cheese to take home and many other things from their shop. Today we spent nothing. When I pass Valley Shepherd Creamery at the Farmer's Market I will not be stopping as I have so many times in the past. Valley Shepherd Creamery, you have seen the last of this homeschooling family.


  1. Good for you! Send the message with your dollars, that's what they count on.

    Also, send a copy of this to your local paper and see if it can get on the editorial page. You might get their contact info and send it straight to their head office in an email as well.

  2. Wow, that's unbelievable! Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. so upsetting. companies/businesses should court homeschoolers for our business!

  4. Did you get a chance to speak to one of the owners and find out why this happened?

  5. Paula, the owner just said that he no longer offers a group discount to homeschoolers. He said he gets more business from school groups, that's why they get a discount. It saddens me that homeschoolers are not worthy of his discount. Especially when they offered it to us on the phone.