Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some of the garden is growing

 I thought I would update some of my garden pictures today.  You can barely see the tomatoes in the back but they are getting big.  The bottom leaves are turning yellow.  I think because of all the rain we have had recently.  There's peas and sage in the foreground of this picture.  And you can't see them but there are tiny little carrots.  I planted these carrots almost two months ago and they are still only about an inch tall.  I don't know if this is normal or not.  They are beginning to look like carrot leaves though.  So I guess they are doing something.
 This is my patchouli plant.  Something seems to be liking it.  I hope they don't eat the whole thing.
 We planted 25 strawberry plants.  There are 16 remaining.  I found two that were dug up and replanted them.  But I don't know if they will live or not.
 This is an echinea.  Okay so I can't spell that.  Anyway, it's a purple cone flower.  You can see the thyme beside it as well.
 Oregano back in the corner.  And chives that are doing very well.
 Next to the chives you can see the lettuce that I dropped the whole package of seeds.  I should have lots of lettuce in a few weeks.
 This little corner is basil.  Again I dropped the package of seeds.  It was a very clumsy day that day.
 THis corner has the little baby carrots.  There are three rows of them but they are so small.  I hope at least some of them grow in to carrots.
And, we have one strawberry blossom.  So if nothing else our 25 plants will at least produce one strawberry.  (I hope a lot more will grow.)
So that's the up date of my garden.  It's growing.  I'm inpatiently waiting.  Happy Gardening to all of you.

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