Monday, September 24, 2012

62 Things

My friend Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots posted the other day about a friend of hers who makes a list of random things about herself and posts them every year on her birthday.  Taryn posted 27 things about herself because it was her 27th birthday.  So today I am going to try to post 62 things about myself.  I don't know if I can come up with that many things.  As we get older memory fades a bit and we forget too many things.

Hey that's number 1:  I forget things now.  Like when I go into a room and forget what I went in there for.

2:  When I was growing up I said I wanted 13 kids.  A football team and a cheerleader.  Well I have five boys and one girl.  Not quite enough for a football team.  But it's a start.

3:  There are 32 years between my oldest son and my youngest.

4:  I love to sit by the water.  Water calms my spirit and helps me feel at peace.

5:  I have lived in nine states.

6:  I hope to someday be able to go to Jamaica.  I want to walk the land that Bob Marley walked and rest my eyes on his final resting place.

7:  I was and probably still am the black sheep of my family.

8:  I am 17 years older than my husband.

9:  I am vegetarian.  Someday I would like to go vegan but I really love cheese.

10:  I have survived cancer.

11:  Fall is my favorite season.  I think because I was born in September.

12:  I am a middle child and the only girl in my family.

13:  I have always wanted a sister.

14:  I don't like being in crowds of people.

15:  My favorite color changes often.  Today it is green.

16:  I would love to drive a hybrid car.

17:  I love to cook but I hate to clean up  afterwards.

18:  Nothing sounds nicer than the laughter of a child.

19:  Sewing calms me.

20:  I have a goal of learning how to make soap.

21:  I am fat.  Not fluffy, not undertall.  I am fat.  Always have been.  Always will be.

22:  I hate science.  It's hard being a homeschooling mom when you hate science.  Especially when your child loves science.

23:  When I was a child we used to go to Missouri to visit relatives every year.  One year I tried to chop wood like I saw my brother do.  I missed and dropped the axe on my leg.  Instead of going for help I hid in the outhouse and tried to stop the bleeding with toilet paper.  Man did I get in trouble over that.

24:  I love antiques.

25:  My favorite possession is my grandfather's 150 year old oil lamp.

26:  I am trying very hard to live the Rastafari way of life.  Sometimes unconditional love is very hard to offer.

27:  My favorite snack food is nuts.  But my body doesn't like nuts any more.  Got to find a new snack food.

28:  I love long hippie skirts.

29:  I love Reggae music.

30:  I have lived in New Jersey for 15 years.

31:  My garden was a total bust this year.  I got one cherry tomato out of it.

32:  I don't like fast food but I eat it because we are on the go so much it's just easier.

33:  My favorite singer is Bob Marley.

34:  I love to sit by a warm fire with a good book.  Probably another reason why I love fall.

35:  I have not had a birthday party since I was 13 years old.

36:  I used to hang out at Jesus Freak communes in the 60's.

37:  I want dreadlocks.

38:  I like to stay up late at night.  The quiet is so peaceful.

39:  I love to sit on my rocker on my front porch.

40:  I want to learn to cook Ital.  But every recipe I find has scotch bonnet peppers.  These things are so hot you are not supposed to even cut them open.  You take them out of the pot before you serve the meal.  I hate spicy hot foods.

41:  I do love soup.

42:  I spend way too much time on the computer.

43:  I love candles so much I have learned to make them.  Now I sell them.

44:  I love the smell of babies.

45:  I am not political.  I frequently don't vote at all.

46:  My favorite candle scent is JamaicaMeCrazy.

47:  I may be 62 today but my mind feels like I'm 18 and my body feels like it's 100.

48:  I love everyone no matter what color, what race, what size.

49:  My favorite drink is iced coffee.

50:  My favorite song is Redemption Song.

51:  I would love to live on the side of a mountain with a little stream through my backyard.

52:  I have eight grandchildren.

53:  My ten year old says that I am nice and I cook really good and I sew good.

54:  I want to throw the tv in the trash.  But the new shows start this week so probably not.  I have to see who survives the plane crash on Grey's Anatomy.

55:  I love to cook with garlic.

56:  I think I have watched the Bob Marley movie 15 times since it came out in April.

57:  I love the 60"s movie.

58:  I own four sewing machines.  I want to get an embroidery machine and a quilting machine.

59:  I love to work on the computer by oil lamp light.

60:  I love to bake bread, but my son is rapidly becoming a better bread baker than I am.

61:  I have a collection of fairies.

62:  I can't believe I made it to the end of this list.

I don't think I will repeat this next year.  But it was fun to do.  We went out to dinner on Friday to celebrate my birthday.  Today I will be teaching a class to a group of homeschoolers.  My youngest son bought me a VW car at the Hippie Museum for my birthday.  My daughter sent me a gift certificate to  My husband gave me the Official High Times Cook Book and a necklace that says One Family, One Love, One Heart on one side and has the Tree of Love on the other side.

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