Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homeschool Day at Liberty Science Center

We spent the day at Liberty Science Center on Tuesday. What a great time we had. At first Dakota just wanted to run from one exhibit to another. He finally settled down and started really looking at things. We spent a lot of time at Our Hudson Home. Dakota did an experiment where he saw fresh water and ocean water mix to make brackish water. I think the leader was a bit shocked that he knew what brackish water was. He then learned about different types of plastics and why it is important to recycle.

Then we went by the Infection Lab. Dakota donned his lab coat and glasses to set to work diagnosing his three sick patients. He finally was able to determine that patient number 2 had HIV infection. Patients 1 and 3 were healthy.

Next we went to learn about tornadoes. Dakota really enjoyed chatting with the red cross guy who was there to help with the demo. Dakota would roll a dice and depending on what number it landed on, the guy would ask him a question. The questions were on subjects such as ice and snow, fire, tornado, hurricane, volcano, and emergency preparedness. The guy seemed amazed that he could answer all the questions.

We met with friends for lunch in the cafe.

Then we went to look at all the fish, snakes, and even cockroaches.
We couldn't believe how quickly 4:00 came and it was time to leave. I know we will be back again the next time they have Homeschool Day at Liberty Science Center.

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