Friday, November 6, 2009

Open Hearth Cooking at Historic Speedwell

Yesterday we took at class at Historic Speedwell in Open Hearth Cooking. The kids learned how it was to cook before the days of microwaves, can openers, preground salt and pepper, and all the rest of the modern conviences we use every day. Everything they prepared had to be cooked on the hearth, even the boiled egg for the salad dressing. What a challenge it was for them. Each group of two or three children had a specific part of the meal that they were responsible for. Dakota and two other boys made the vegetables. They made Mushrooms Au Beurre, Stewed Tomatoes and Corn, Mashed Turnips, and Ragoo of French Beans. Dakota was responsible for the tomatoes and corn. He had to peel the tomatoes, chop them and cut the corn off the cob.

After they boiled for a while, they drained the water off and then cooked them in butter and salt and pepper.

The other children made Mary Stuart Smith's Beef Soup, Salad with Available Greens, Loaf Bread, Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin Pie, and Cranberry Triffle.

After the meal was done, we all sat down and enjoyed it. Everything looked and tasted great. The kids have a new appreciation for how hard it was to cook a meal without all the modern appliances that we use today.

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