Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Day In Florida

We were back at Kennedy Space Center again on Wednesday. This time we went on a tour that took us out to where the space shuttle Atlantis is sitting on the launch pad waiting to lift off on Monday afternoon. This is a picture of the VAB, the Vehicle Assembly Building. This is where they ready the space shuttle for it's launch and lift it to an upright position.

This interesting looking thing is called the Crawler. This is the device that takes the space shuttle out to the launch pad. It is very gas efficient getting a whopping 42 feet per gallon of gas. It has a 5000 gallon tank. Anyone want to take this to the gas station for a fill-up.And this is the space shuttle Atlantis. It is already on the pad and ready for Monday's launch.We also went to the Saturn V Building. They have a real Saturn V shuttle hanging from the ceiling. One of the other things they have is this tiny piece of Moon Rock. Here we are all three touching the moon rock. I guess you could say we left earth for a minute and touched a piece of outer space.

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