Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter Holiday of your Choice

Well, it seems it is that time of year again. People are busy shopping. Getting up at 4:00am to be the first in line for the sales. Knocking people out of the way to grab the last hot item on the shelf. Running over people in parking lots to get that last parking space. It gets so crazy. Now I like to give gifts to my family at the holidays just like everyone else. But I don't like all the craziness surrounding gift giving. I sat at my computer whenever I had free time and perused the website. Every time I saw something that I liked I would add it to my shopping list. When I finally had my list complete, I moved it all over to my shopping cart and pressed enter. Now I just have to wait for USPS and UPS to bring my orders. Then I can wrap my gifts and I'm all done. No stores, no shopping malls, no parking places, no overpriced gifts. I can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

I hope you all have a safe shopping season and can find the time to relax with family and friends instead of being so worried about the rush of the season.

Happy Winter Holiday of Your Choice,

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  1. Yes...too much shopping, not enough enjoying! I have to remind my family every year. Here's to a joyous "winter holiday of your choice."