Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today we went to the Brevard County Zoo. We saw all kinds of dangerous creatures. Like these two dinosaurs from days long past.
To alligators

Even an armadillo
A huge Rhino
I don't even remember what this guy was called. He looked like a cow from the back and an anteater from the front.
Another critter that I can't remember his name.

The giraffe was so friendly. He was eating right out of Dakota's hand.
And so, so many beautiful birds. There were several bald eagles in this enclosure.
This guy just stood there with his wings spread so we could see how beautiful he was.
The owl sat so still, at first I thought he was stuffed. But he was very much alive.

This one bite Dakota's finger.

The zoo was small, but it had four distinct areas to visit. Rainforest, Australia, Wild Florida, and Africa. I really liked the beautiful colored birds and the giraffe's. We had a great time exploring everything.

Tonight Dakota and Daddy are going to a Pink Floyd lazer light show at the planetarium. Ans mom is enjoying a night off. Tomorrow we will be going back to Kennedy Space Center for one last visit.

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