Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well I'm finally getting my turkey dinner. I wanted to have my inlaws over for Thanksgiving but my MIL decided that she wanted to cook herself. So I didn't get to make a turkey. Then at Christmas, my SIL and I helped with the meal but my MIL made ham, so no turkey dinner for me. So finally today, I am cooking a turkey. I got a turkey breast so there won't be as much waste. But I will have turkey for dinner and then leftovers for the next few days. I don't mind going to someone else's house for the holidays. But you don't get to eat leftovers when you do that. Now I will have turkey for a week. Yeah!!! I'm making turkey, dressing, mashed potaotes, gravy, rolls, and cranberry sauce. It smells so good baking right now. I can't wait to get to eat it. Probably in another hour. Can't wait.

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