Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Your Hudson River

One of our favorite places to go is the Beczak Environmental Center. On Saturday they had a program called "Love Your Hudson River". Ms. Doreen talked to the kids about the river. We learned that it starts at Lake Tear of the Clouds and ends at the Atlantic Ocean. We Tear of the Clouds the water is fresh water. At the Atlantic Ocean it is salt water. And in Yonkers, the water is "Brackish", a mix of fresh and salt water. And we learned that the Hudson River is 315 (I think) miles long. After talking about the river for a while. Everyone went outside and walked out to the banks of the river. I think Ms. Doreen had planned a few activities out there but couldn't do them under a foot of snow. When everyone was back inside we did an activity where the kids thought of words to describe the Hudson River using the letters in the words "Hudson River". Then they made valentines. Some made valentines for the river. Others made valentines for each other. Dakota made a valentine for our family.

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