Friday, July 9, 2010

The Joy of Boys At Play

We try to go to Park Day with our homeschool group. It's a great way for the kids to get together and play. And the moms get to relax and chat. The other day the boys had all brought their swords and light sabers. They had so much fun fighting with each other. At one point one of the little ones, a just about to be three year old, decided he wanted to play with the big boys. It was so cool watching them. When the boys were sword fighting the rule is that swords only touch swords and not people. Well the little guy didn't quite understand this rule. So he frequently hit the other boys pretty hard. Now usually if someone gets hit too hard they retaliate and hit back. But these kids were so good with this little one. No matter how hard he hit them, they would immediately fall down dead. Then the little one would squeal with glee that he beat up the "big guy." I watched as this scene played out over and over again. I was so proud of the way these kids all let this little one "kill them." Instead of making fun of him or excluding him from their game. They played right along with him and "let" him win.

One of the kids noticed a cicada on the side of a tree. Of course this brought all the kids over to see what it was. An impromptu science class ensued as one of the moms explained how cicadas stay under ground for 2 to 17 years before the stick their heads up. She told the kids that he had probably just shed his skin and was now crawling up to the top of the tree so he could sing for the rest of his life. Immediately the kids started looking around. They found his skin on the other side of the tree laying on the ground. After that everyone was very careful not to go around to that side of the tree and disturb the skin.

You have to love homeschool kids and their thrist for knowledge. I love Park Day.

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