Monday, July 5, 2010

We Survived Second Grade

Well, we finally survived second grade. We kind of had a late start and our learning was somewhat sporadic last fall because I was so sick. But after the holidays we finally were able to get going. Dakota finished Science and Social Studies really quickly. But then Science is his favorite subject. And second grade doesn't have a lot of Social Studies in it. It took until the end of May to finish Language Arts. But Math... Math was so hard to stay focused on. Dakota loves math but he still had a hard time staying focused. Focus is an issue for him anyway. I finally told him that he had to finish second grade before his birthday. So his birthday party was Wednesday night. Finally about two hours before time to leave for his big birthday party at Medieval Times, he finished the last lesson in his math program. He was so proud of his accomplishment that he immediately asked how to upgrade his account so he could start third grade math. He did well on the first lesson. He is excited to continue on with Time4Learning. I think this is one of the best programs out there for little computer junkies like Dakota.

We are not going to do a lot of school work over the summer. Maybe just a lesson or two a week. He is also going to continue playing some of the online games that we have found. We will also be taking classes every month at Historic Speedwell and at Beczak Environmental Center.

Other exciting news for our family is my granddaughter, Baby Ciencia. We really have to stop calling her that. She's not much of a baby any more. Ciencia will be starting Preschool this fall. It seems like such a short time ago when I held that tiny little newborn in my arms. She was less than an hour old when I first saw her. Now she's all grown up and ready to start Preschool. Wow, where does the time go. They are all growing up so quickly.

Well, time to go try to cool off in this incredible heat wave.



  1. Nice to peek into your world Kathi! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. OOps... Riley is not me, it is my son... I am Casey from hippiesew. :)