Monday, July 4, 2011

Our House

Well, we are about to start a brand new adventure in our lives. We are buying a house. We looked at a few houses. One had holes in the ceiling and nothing in the kitchen accept an old sink. Another had a five foot hole in the floor. One the ceiling was falling down and the girl said she thinks the roof might leak. (Gee, ya think!!!) We found one house that we kind of liked. I was not sure about the long narrow living room. And it did not have a bathroom on the main floor. (I just can't make a dozen or more trips up and down stairs with these worn out legs.) But it was in a flood plain. (There are a lot of areas around here that flood.)

Our wonderful realtor Lila said she had a house she wanted to show us. Let me tell you. It is wonderful. A fireplace in the living room. A kitchen that is bigger than a bread box. (If you haven't seen my current kitchen let me tell you, two people can not stand in it at once.) A nice size dining room. A half bath on the main floor. The upstairs has three bedrooms and a full bath. It has a basement but it isn't finished. Bob wanted a finished basement so he could have a "man cave". He thinks he can make it work for some of what he wants to do down there. The only problem is the low ceiling. Gee, that's not a problem for me. Oh yeah, he's a bit taller than I am, (like 10 inches or so.) He will get the third bedroom for his space along with the books and computer equipment. And there is no garage. So I guess next year's tax refund will go toward building a garage.
The biggest thing I love about the house is the huge backyard. And the beautiful deck. I can already see the plants growing on and around the deck. And the parties we will have. There is a nice picnic table built in to the deck. And an archway over the steps to go down into the yard.
There is a place for the washer and dryer on the main floor. But our brand new washer and dryer are too big for the space. (You know, the ones we bought in April with our tax refund.) So I will move a small desk into that space to make it my sewing area. And the washer and dryer will have to go to the basement.

I am so excited about this. It was so much fun the night we made an offer on the house. The realtor sent the information to the owners. They called her back in like ten minutes with a counter offer. We went back and forth a few times and finally settled on a fair price for the place. Now the paperwork will be turned over to the attorneys tomorrow. After a week or so of attorney review we will be under contract. Then it is just a matter of finalizing the financing.

I can't wait to move. I have hated this apartment almost since the day I moved in. With each passing year I hate it more. I can not wait to kiss it goodbye. I've already started packing books and things we won't need for a while. Can't believe this is happening.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    May your new home bring new blessings.

  2. Congratulations Kathi!

    Many, many, wishes for a lifetime of happiness in your new home!


  3. Congrats Kathi!

    Your descriptions are captivating and hilarious LOL :). I can feel your excitement and joy! I hope you enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it.

  4. Oh wow Kathi!! Congratulations. How exciting!! Can't wait to read more as you move in and settle in. So glad you found your home :)