Saturday, July 9, 2011


Buying a house really is a lot of waiting. After scouring the internet for listings we finally made an appointment to look at a house. When we got to the guy's office he wasn't there and no one seemed to know where he was. So we sat and waited for him. He finally got there and took us to the most disgusting house I had ever seen. The kitchen had a sink in it and nothing else. Nothing. And the sink looked like it was from 1820. The only thing good about this house is that it looked like it would burn easily so they could start over and build something else.

We went to look at another house. And again we waited. The guy finally showed up and took us through the house. It was nice enough. It had everything that we were looking for except a bathroom on the main floor. But there was space to build one. Oh but wait. They didn't tell us it was on a flood plain. Not a great idea. So we waited.
I sent off an email about another house I saw on the internet. And I waited for a response. Someone finally got back to me and set an appointment to look at it. We got to the house and guess what??? The realtor was waiting for us. When she knocked on the door, they said they were having a birthday party. Could we come back another day. The realtor told them we had an appointment and we needed to see the house. It was an okay house. It had almost everything we were looking for. But it would need a lot of painting and minor repair work. The biggest problem was that it was a block from the busiest street in town. And it was three blocks from the projects. No I don't think I want to live there.

So we waited. We had an appointment to see two other houses. Then the realtor emailed us and said she had a house she wanted us to look at. So we waited until Saturday to look at the three houses. The first one was perfect. We loved the way it looked. It needed very little work done to it. The only thing it didn't have was a garage. But we loved it. The house on the flood plain was no longer the top house on our list.

But to be fair we decided to go look at the other two houses. The first one had nice size rooms. The master bedroom was on the main floor of the house. The kitchen had been redone. Looked like a very nice house. Oh except for the fact that the bedroom ceiling was falling in. The lady said she thought the roof might leak. Okay, so we went to look at the next house on the list. It was on the busiest street in town. Putting on a new roof right away? No I don't think so. It had no yard. The first bedroom had a large hole in the floor. It was about five feet across. The kitchen was way too small. Oh wait, what is that, a dead roach. Hum, I'm not so sure this is a good house. Well, maybe it's not a roach and it is only one and it is dead. Then my son opened the refrigerator. The roaches that came out of it were not dead. And not just one.

Oh well. But let's talk about the other house we saw. It has everything we want except a garage. Garages can be built. So we made an offer on it. Within two hours of offers and counter offers, we had settled on a price on the house. But it was Saturday night of a holiday weekend so we waited.

On Tuesday we hired an attorney. And by Wednesday evening we were out of attorney review. No waiting there. Next we waited until Friday to meet with the mortgage person. We signed the papers before we left her office. Again no waiting. That part went really really quickly.

Now we are waiting again. We have to wait until next Tuesday for the house inspection. I really don't like waiting. I can't wait until the day they put the keys in my hands. At least we should know on Tuesday if there are any major problems with the house. Then we have to wait until the bank has the house appraised. After that we wait for the closing.

I guess as far as buying a house goes, this is going pretty quickly. But I really hate the waiting. I want out of here now. I have wanted a house for so long. I have lived in this apartment for 14 years and it is about 20 too long. I need to be able to plant flowers by my deck and watch my son play in our backyard.
I have started packing. There really isn't much else I can do. So I pack and I wait. Please let the waiting go quickly. Please let me be in my new house very soon. I don't want to wait any more.


  1. Thank you ladies. I am so excited about this, but so tired of waiting.