Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, we made it through another chemo session. The side effects were much more mild this cycle. Now I am in the phase where I need to build my body back up so it is strong enough to handle the next session. I am now officially half way through the process. I can't wait to be finished with it. But being halfway is encouraging. My hair is starting to grow back. I thought I would have to wait until the whole thing is over to have hair again. But I have a thin layer of fuzz all over the top of my head. I can start to feel stubble on my legs as well. Yeah for hair. Although I have no idea what I will do with all the lovely hats I have made. Maybe I will just donate them to the other patients at the cancer center. If all goes well, by Halloween I will be well on the mend. How appropriate to be bringin all of this to an end just in time for the end of the witch's year. As I celebrate Samhain this year I will truely being putting all the bad things of this year behind me and be ready to start life fresh in the coming year.

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