Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homeschoolers Are Great

Well, I've posted a bit about how sick I have been with this chemo stuff. This week was really bad. They ended up having to give me whole blood this week because my blood counts were so bad. They chemo destroys possible cancer cells, but it also destroys healthy blood cells. Not a pleasant thing.

But that's not really the topic. Homeschoolers are great. That's what I want to talk about today. Our homeschool group has been so great to my family over the last few weeks. Every week someone is stopping by to bring food for my family. People that I have never met have brought food by. Many times, people have called and said, "I'm coming by to pick up Dakota." He gets so bored when I'm laying on the couch and don't have the energy to even read him a story. These wonderful Angels have picked him up, taken him to the lake, taken him to movies, taken him to the park, taken him to the library or to swim. It has been so great. I have felt so much love from this wonderful group of people.

I have had so many many doctor's appointments lately. During the last nine days I have had five appointments and I have another one on Friday. Women from our homeschool group have taken care of Dakota for almost every appointment that I've had. Many times they have kept him all day when the appointment was only an hour. Other times I have went in for a one hour appointment and ended up being there for five or six hours. Again these people have kept him without complant.

I don't know what I would have done over the last few months if I were not a member of the New Jersey Homeschool Hangout. Bless you all for all you have done for my family. We wouldn't have made it this far without you.

We still have another three months to go before the chemo is over. But I know I can count on all of you for your support.

Thank you all,

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