Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, we are supposed to have a party tonight. But the weatherman is predicting anywhere from 5 to 18 inches of snow tonight. It depends on who you listen to. But our guests are all listening to the one who predicts the worst snow. So they have all canceled. Now we have lots of food and no party.

They said this storm was supposed to start by lunchtime. Well, it's now 2:00 in the afternoon and not a drop of snow. Not a flake, not a smidgeon, nothing. Makes they think there isn't going to be a storm at all.

I hate winter. You can't plan on anything. It's cold. It's yucky. It's cloudy. And it might snow. Or it might not. The only thing for sure is that we are not having a party tonight. I want to sit and pout.

Winter! YUCK!

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