Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School

So where we live yesterday was the official Back To School Day. A lot of my friends and relatives posted pictures on Facebook of their children smiling as they started off to the first day of school with their new backpacks and their shiny new lunch boxes. My son did school yesterday in his underwear. He got cold about halfway through and put on a shirt. No fancy new clothes or backpacks here. Especially no new shoes. He hates shoes.

While my friends' children brought home notes of what is expected of them for the school year and what things they needed to buy "as soon as possible", all I had to do was turn on my computer and look at the scope and sequence pages of Time4Learning. I didn't have to make a quick trip to Target to fill the teacher's "immediate needs" list. I didn't have to worry about what would be added to his class work later in the year. The only expectations he has to fill is to finish third grade in a semi reasonable time. And that is my expectation, not the program's. What could be easier than this?

I also have a lot of friends who are homeschoolers. Many of them are struggling to figure out their lesson plans. They are frantic to find printables to go along with their lessons. Or still trying to decide which curriculum program to use. For us, there is nothing to think about. Our lesson plans are all laid out for us. We can access online video games. We have free printables that go along with the individual lessons. And we work on math and reading skills lessons over and over if we need to. We made the decision to use as our curriculum three years ago. It's a decision that I am so glad we made. For my son, this is the best choice. Maybe it is for yours as well.

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