Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beczak Beaks and Feet

Today we went to Beczak Environmental Center in Yonkers, NY. Beczak is one of our favorite places to go. The topic today was Beaks and Feet. Ms. Susan taught the kids about different kinds of beaks and why the birds have different beaks. Pointy beaks allow them to pick up seeds. Long pointy beaks allow them to sip nectar from flowers. Broad beaks help them scoop up fish. Curved beaks allow them to shred their food as they eat it.

Then she talked about feet. Webbed feet help ducks and other water birds to swim. Eagles have talons which enable them to hold their food in them. Other birds have Broad webbed feet that act like snowshoes to help them walk on top of mud and snow. Each bird is made perfectly for the tasks that they do.

After a trip outside to look for birds, everyone came back inside and made their own beaks and feet.


  1. What a fun theme for an outing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That looks like so much fun! After the holidays, the boys and I need to start doing more. Your activities always look like so much fun. The boys also missed doing Rovers soccer this session!

    Happy T-day!