Friday, November 26, 2010

Reading Reading Reading

We are still struggling with reading at our house. Sometimes Dakota surprises me and reads words that I had no idea he knew. Then at other times he acts like he can't read the easiest words. I don't know what that's all about at all. I know he understands what I read to him. His comprehension is good even if he can't read all the words. We keep plugging along with it. Right now I am having him do first grade language arts extensions to try to help bring him up to grade level in his reading.

A friend of mine told me that he would read if he found something that he really wants to read. So I've been looking for some things that he would like. For the holidays he is getting a series of books called Captain Underpants. I thought that would be just the thing for him. You know how 8 year old boys can be so focused on things like that. Underpants, private parts, and gross bodily functions seem to be the main thing they are interested in. Especially if those functions can make nasty sounds and smells. I also bought him a series of Percy Jackson books. He discovered Percy Jackson last month and thinks he is just great. I am really hoping these will spark his interest enough to get him going on reading.

Other than that we have been going to the Nature Center a lot lately. One of his classes this month was Amphibians vs Reptiles. I found some cool games to add to his knowledge of amphibians. They have videos, puzzles, and games at this site. I especially like the puzzles. But, this is supposed to be about kids learning. Oh well. I like playing the games a lot. One of the games is a lot like frogger that I used to play.

Have fun playing great learning games over this long holiday weekend.


  1. Have a blessed and beautiful holiday season.

  2. my son was a late reader as well. i did my best to have faith- he is 9.5 now and an amazing reader. he reads everything and can read almost any word! not to brag, just happy that following my unschooling heart was the right thing to do.
    another series he might like is diary of a wimpy kid- i think there are about 6 books now, they are kind of like graphic novels. very funny and naughty, perfect boy stuff. oh and we like captain underpants too.

  3. Have you ever read Raymond Moore's book THE SUCCESSFUL HOMESCHOOL HANDBOOK? He shares the "better late than early" thought. It may encourage you.
    Another thought...has he had his eyes tested. I found that my boys are far sighted and have astigmatism(had no clue!). Phonics videos and computer games really helped us(anything by Leapfrog). HTH!