Thursday, December 16, 2010

December What A Busy Month

December is such a busy month. It seems like we have been on the go so much this month that I have not had time to even do much of the holiday baking I love to do this time of year. I finally had to cancel a couple of activities this week just to have time to bake. We haven't even had any time to focus on school this week. I love our homeschool curriculum. It is easy to do. Most kids would have no problem working on it by themselves so that mom could be busy taking care of all the holiday preparations. Dakota just can't stay focused enough to follow through and finish a lesson by himself. It takes lots and lots of reminding him to pay attention and focus on his lessons to get any work done. Up until this week he has been doing very well on his third grade work. He is beginning to do a bit of independent writing. Although I usually have to spell a lot of words for him. He loves writing stories. He also likes to print them out so he can show them to other people. I found online writing classes that I may sign him up for in a few more months. It would give him basic writing skills and teach him some grammer and sentence structure.

We are just about halfway through third grade work in most of his classes. That makes me feel pretty good. We won't be struggling to finish on the last day of June this year. The work is a bit harder than second grade work is. Since he still struggles so much with reading, he gets easily frustrated. But we continue to move ahead.

I started out talking about our busy month. I can see that even I become easily distracted right now. There is so much to do. Fortunately the shopping is all done and the gifts are all wrapped. I even got most of the baking done now. We just have to finish frosting the cookies and they will be done. Then we will prepare for a round of parties. Tomorrow we are going to the homeschool holiday party. I will get up early tomorrow to bake something special for that. On Saturday, we will host our annual Yule party. I have the lists all made for that. We are serving mostly hors d'oeuvres so preparation will be fairly easy. On Sunday we have a party at Bob's job for the children. I'm still not sure what we will be taking to that event. Monday is Bob's birthday. We will either be taking him out to eat or I will cook something yummy for that. Then on Tuesday we will be going to a Winter Solstice party at a friend's house. Then we have a few days off. Before we have Christmas Eve at Gov's house and then Christmas Dinner here at home.

Like I said, busy, busy, busy. Well, I'm going to go frost those cookies now.


  1. Well hopefully you enjoyed frosting those cookies and thank you for the comment I am suprised we have never "met" before!!

  2. Yes, you are busy! I'm glad you did find time for the baking.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Busy, busy - yep! We've had family Christmas get-together, tomorrow night is homeschool mom party, and all that is left is my parents coming over Christmas day. Any other odds and ends, Christmas Eve service....still up in the air!

    I am trying to relax - take deep breath - don't think about school, though my mind is already past Christmas and thinking about how I am going to do things differently when we start back in January!