Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Week and What We Are Learning

Kids love animals. I don't know a child anywhere who doesn't love animals. How about you? Have you ever met a child who does not love animals? Who knew that you could learn so much with animals. While surfing the web this week I cam across a great website for games to learn about animals Well, okay, they're not animals but amphibians. But they're still cute little critters. Anyway, this site has videos to learn about amphibians. And they have games to learn using amphibians. How about learning to spell while helping the little mouse get away from the cat. There are also word scrambles. I don't do so well on them. But I love the word search games. I love playing all the cute games on this site. Yes, I know they are kids games but I still love them. We've been using these games a lot this week. They certainly give a breather from working on other learning skills.

With all the excitement about the holidays it's hard to get Dakota to focus on learning. He would much rather be looking online for the next thing on his holiday wish list or watching the next holiday special on tv. It seems they are on every night now. A while back he started asking me about the Norse Gods and Goddesses. So I bought him a few books about the Norse and Greek Gods and Goddesses. I wasn't sure how much he was understanding about what I was reading. It can be a difficult subject to understand. But when I asked him questions about what he were reading he seemed to understand it. In fact, his reading comprehension was usually better than mine.

We have also been working a bit on multiplication again this week. So far he has been doing okay with 1's, 5's, 10's, and 11's. He still doesn't really care about multiplication, but he's willing to work on it a bit.

We're trying to get the house ready for our annual party next weekend. But so far that is going very slowly. I don't know why I scheduled so many activities for us this week. Oh well, it will slow down in a couple of weeks, right?

So that's what we've been doing this week. How about you? Are you doing anything exciting this week?

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  1. Not much exciting since the co-op play, but we will work a few days yet.

    Most kids do love animals, yes, but I did know one child who was terrified of anything with fur. She would pick up lizards, frogs, even snakes or pet tarantulas, but bring a kitten near her and she would squeal in fear and run, from a very young age. The rest of the family loved furry pets, so no one knew where that came from.

    For multiplication teaching, sweeten the deal. Give him pennies to work with, to use in groups so he can learn to multiply (3 groups of 4 pennies = 12, now make different groups, etc.) and once he shows he knows the material, he gets to keep the pennies.

    Schedule a good break, for both your sakes, and you will come back to it refreshed and ready.