Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Haircut

My son has, no had very long hair. He has often said "I'm not never gonna cut it ever. Not as long as I live." But any of you who have long hair know that it can be very hard to brush and even harder to wash. Being a little boy who is allergic to water, this is a real problem. Every time he has to take a bath it is a struggle of an hour or more to get him into the bathtub. Then, being who he is, it takes another hour or two to get him out of the tub again.

The other night after a particularly long battle to get in the bathtub I decided to have a talk with him. I reminded him how much he hates to take a bath and wash his hair. I also reminded him how much he hates getting his hair brushed every day. Then I reminded him of last winter when I didn't have any hair. I told him how my head would get so cold I couldn't stand it. Then I talked to him about his friend who is recovering from cancer and doesn't have much hair. I asked him if he thought his friend would like to have hair. Finally he said that he wanted to give his hair to some little boy or girl who didn't have any hair at all. He said it could be his Christmas present to them. I told him it was a great idea. We made plans to go out the following Monday and get his hair cut.

Over the weekend he kept thinking about it. One minute he was not sure he wanted to do it. The next minute he said he was sure he wanted to cut it. "It will just grow back anyway." Monday came and we headed off to Super Cuts. The lady struggled to cut off his braid. She had to go at it in little bits and pieces. She finally got the whole braid cut off. Then she went on to trim up the rest of his hair. When we got home I measured the braid. It was 14 inches long.

Yesterday we wrapped up his braid and sent it off to Locks of Love. There it will be made into a beautiful wig for a child who has not hair. From what I have read, it takes 8 to 10 braids to make one hairpiece for a child.

My new son.


  1. Congratulations! You have a wonderful son.

  2. Wow! How nice of him to donate his hair to such a great cause!

  3. Kathi, this a wonderful post! Not only did your son make a responsible decision for himself, he did something fantastic for someone else! Awesome, awesome! :D

    Thanks for sharing and I loved the pics! :)
    Katie (bailbrae on the T4L forums)

  4. How great! He is such a handsome boy!!