Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschooling High School

We have spent so much time lately cooped up in the house. The weather has not been nice to us this year. And we are expecting another 6 inches of snow tomorrow night. This has caused a great deal of togetherness. Maybe too much togetherness. I don't know. At any rate it has certainly given me time to think. Of all things, I've been thinking about high school. I know, I know. My son is eight years old. He's a long way from high school. But that's what I've been thinking about lately.

We love our curriculum. We have used it since preK. However, it only goes up through eighth grade. What am I going to do when he goes beyond eighth grade? He can't continue with the cartoon characters that he loves. We're going to need another curriculum if we are going to be homeschooling high school. I'm sure we will continue to look at things that Dakota is interested in. So there will continue to be rockets and rocket building classes. But there is also going to be algebra and triganometry. See, I can't even spell that one. I know I'm going to need a lot of help with that. Fortunately my husband knows a lot about math and science and things like that.

I'm sure we are also going to have to do a lot more writing. Right now writing is the worst thing ever. To ask Dakota to pick up a pencil is like pulling his teeth with no anesthetic. I know there are some great writing courses out there that we will be using when he gets a bit older. While looking around the internet for writing courses the other day I found an online blog writing course. Can you imagine. I love to blog. I love reading blogs. I even love reading about blogs. This learning to blog course sounds perfect for me. Oh no, I meant perfect for a high school student to learn about blogging. Okay, you're right I'm thinking more about me. Writing isn't that much of a problem. I usually have something to say. I know how to use spell check and grammar check. But what are all those little things like widgets and things like that. I may have to check into this course for myself. But I also think it would be a great learning tool for a high school student.

Yes, I have several years before I have to worry about homeschooling a high school student. But it's good to look ahead. It's good to think about what we will do when the time comes. And who knows, maybe this blog post will help someone who is a lot closer at looking for a high school homeschool curriculum.


  1. i'm not sure what state you're in, but it seems like you're homeschooling independently? we recently started with a charter and i love it. one thing that has been in the back of my mind is that since they are accredited, we'll be able to earn a high school diploma through them. there still is a little stigma attached to a GED, but that's always a possibility. anyway, good luck!

  2. It's never too soon to start thinking about high school. You are wise to begin now, looking over different curricula, finding his style, checking to see what your options are.

    There also might be homeschool co-ops in your area that teach some high school classes. We have them here, so i know there are some around the country. Look into them now, let them know of your interest, get on an early waiting list if you want.

    It takes planning, and you are right to start planning.

  3. My oldest is in 7th grade (eek - junior high!) and so this is the sort of thing we are looking into.

    My plans - sort of concrete - are that when they get to be old enough to drive they will be dual-enrolled at our local community college. For one thing, 16 year old boys are past the point of spending big chunks of time at the kitchen table with Mom. And this allows them to stretch their wings, a little at a time. It seems like a good "transition".

    It also allows me to not have to learn trig, but that has NO BEARING on the issue. Really, I would love to learn it (insert sarcasm here! :) ).

    I plan to have them take basic freshman classes there while in high school, and get some of that out of the way. Plus, once they have college credits that high school diploma is not quite as as important, four year colleges will be more interested in what they did at the college level.

    I don't anticipate that all four of my boys will go to four year colleges, some may go into technical training, or the military. But I think the community college is a good jumping-off place for them.

  4. Paula, you might enjoy this blog.