Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In Again

We woke up this morning to 8 inches of fresh snow outside. I can't believe how much snow we have gotten this winter. Dakota has been out playing with his friends all morning. He just came in covered with snow, soaked to the skin. Now he is huddled up in his bed with a video game to try to warm up. I don't know if he'll try to go back outside today or not. He's really cold right now.

Since it is way to wet and cold to spend a lot of time outside, I'm sure we will spend a lot of time today playing games. We love playing all the great online educational games that are out there. Dakota has so much fun with them that he forgets that he is learning as well as playing games. There are so many great games out there. If he wants to learn about maps, or about words, or even about math, we can find an online game to learn about it.

Sometimes when it's cold like this, I like to bake. Baking is another way to work on math skills. Today, though, I think I would rather sit huddled under my blanket, playing on my computer more than anything else.

I wonder what kinds of things other people do on cold cold days like we've been having lately. I would love to get some comments about cold weather activities.


  1. Since we live where it is just cold, and have escaped the actual snow, we have gone on with life as usual, just bundled up.

    On the rare occasion we very southern types get snow, it is a huge deal, requiring school closings, stay home warnings, and kids enjoying it to the fullest for the short time it is here.

    One very enterprising group of kids once went around the neighborhood with a wheelbarrow and shovels, asking people if they could have the snow on the lawns! They took all they were allowed to take to one kid's house, piled up enough for forts and snowmen, and had a ball.

  2. We love playing in the snow!

    You could make snow ice-cream :D

    Since you mentioned science (in your comment)... have you seen the Janice VanCleave books? (I find them used, for cheap.) They're all experiments - all hands-on. And most of the supplies are things you probably have around the house. We're currently working through "Physics for Every Kid: 101 Experiments that Really Work." (Love, love, loved the chemistry one last year.)

    Have fun :D


  3. We don't use our fireplace unless it's really cold, so the kids love it when the temp dips low enough for us to build a fire. Then we sit in front of the hearth and play games. "Apples to Apples," "Taboo," and "Letter Roll" are a few of our favorites. Of course, when we pick educational games like "S'Math," we can count playtime as homeschooling time!

  4. We got 3" last night, but it is supposed to snow all day. We will do some school this morning (btw - my 7 and 10 year old sons are really enjoying the Lego lapbooks), work on the lapbooks, and after lunch they can head out into the snow. I will be in charge of hot chocolate.