Friday, February 18, 2011

Writing a Blog

I started writing this blog about a year and a half ago. I don't really know why I started it. I wanted to keep a record of what we are doing for school stuff. I wanted all the cool classes and trips that we took to be saved. I think I've done a pretty good job of that. I don't get every event recorded but I do write about a lot of our favorite ones. I've written about some of the accomplishments that Dakota has made. I've written a bit about my journey with cancer and the recovery process. A blog is a great way to let people know what you're up to, who you are, and what you are all about.

So what should do you when starting a blog. I think a good way to start is by hosting a give away. I actually hosted a give away recently. The prize was a blog writing course. Once you let your friends know about it, they will tell their friends, and suddenly you have lots of people reading your blog. I love entering blog give aways. Last night I think I entered five of them. I hope I win at least a few of the.

I love writing. I don't know if I'm very good at it, but I love writing. I know this is not the easiest thing to teach our kids about. Just getting my son to pick up a pencil and write anything is like pulling teeth. But to give him a subject and tell him to write a story about it, that is really hard. He loves to tell me stories and then he will draw a picture to go along with the story the I have written down for him. But he is very reluctant to write anything for himself. Just signing his Valentine's cards too nearly a week. I think I will start looking for a homeschool writing curriculum for him. Something to encourage him to write on his own.

In the mean time, why don't you start thinking about writing your own blog.


  1. The point of stories is the story... it helps not to be hung up on how it's presented. If you have to write it, but he illustrates it and is telling you stories... well, it squelches that creativity to put pressure on him.
    Does that make sense? I am not being critical, by the way. Had to do similar things with my daughter until she could type well. Sensory issues would have ruined her in school, where the emphasis is on writing rather than creating stories.

  2. We took about half a school year and ditched grammar (who was happier, me or the kids??) and just did writing. I gave them each a journal, and had them write a little each day. I gave them topics like Easter (we have a big egg hunt and the whole family over), AWANA, something they had done that week, a fishing trip, etc. Just write. They were encouraged to decorate/draw on the pages. At the end of the year, I took all their journal pages, plus samples of some of their schoolwork for the year and had it comb-bound at a copy shop (about $4 each) with a cover. Now they have a journal of their year, and I have the required "portfolio" that I have to maintain by state law.

    I did not correct grammar or spelling on these writings, btw. The idea was just to get them in the habit of writing. I was afraid that if I started red-pencilling everything they wouldn't want to do it. This was also a nice assignment to be able to give them when I was busy, they didn't need my assistance to work on it.

    I will admit - while we had some stellar writing, we also had some....not stellar writing. But, they learned to express their thoughts on paper. This year we expanded a bit with art journals, having them draw things they see and write short entries about it. Again, some stellar, some not.

    But - it is A)easy B)cheap C)works.

  3. Blogging is fun, and a great way to keep memories alive.

    Since it is hard for him to write, maybe have him tell you his stories and you tape record them. Then you can transcribe, and he can see his own story written out. That might inspire him.