Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learning Through Games

It's such a dreary day today. Makes me want to curl up and go to sleep somewhere and wake up again when it's bright and sunny out. But since I can't do that, I decided to look around and find something fun to do. I found some great word play games to play around with for a while. These look great. I'm going to show them to Dakota after the space shuttle launches. Right now that's the only thing he is focused on. I think I just heard them say there is 90 seconds to go until launch.

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to do school work. And I know that he is not in the mood for school work. That's when I start looking around for fun and exciting things to do online. When we play word play games or building vocabulary games, I feel like he is still learning even if we are not doing his curriculum program. Right now it's hard to get Dakota to focus on school work. It's winter break week for the public school kids. Since his friends are home, he would much rather be playing with them than sitting down to the computer to learn about making words plural. Incorporating games makes the learning fun and exciting.

Well, it looks like the space shuttle Discovery is on it's way for it's last journey through space. It's time to get the boy over here and show him some of these fun games.

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  1. Kids learn all the time. Curriculum.. well, it's a tool. Remember that YOU'RE in charge. Not the curriculum.

    And you're right. He is still learning even if you're not doing 'school'.

    I remember every launch causing HUGE excitement for me. I dreamed of being an astronaut.

    Watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon is still one of those memories where I can recall everything... even the smell of the room and the brightness of the sun on the porch on that June afternoon when my mom called me in to watch on television.