Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Progress This Year

I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. Last year we were struggling to finish our work by the end of June. This year he is almost finished with third grade language already. He will probably finish it by the end of next week or early the week after next. This week we are learning more about compound words and short vowel lessons. It is really helping him with his reading skills when he can break the word in to two parts before he reads it.

I wish I could say the same for his other subjects, especially science. We are still working on the first chapter in science. I HATE science. I will use any excuse to avoid it. I will even do science projects at home rather than work on the science curriculum. This is totally my issue, not Dakota's. He can't understand why anyone would not like science. We did a class through SuperchargedScience the other day about rockets. Dakota really liked that class.

Math is going okay. He is still struggling a bit with multiplication. He is doing okay with our curriculum as long as he uses a 100's chart. But without that, he's pretty lost. I got a Kuman workbook to help him build up his skills in multiplication. He is doing very well in the rest of his math work.

We are working on first grade Language Arts Extensions to help Dakota with his reading skills. He will probably finish this in a week or two as well. We will then move on to second grade language arts extensions. I' not going to move on to fourth grade language because I want to spend more time on the extensions.

Dakota loves social studies. He's pretty much on target for that subject. He will probably finish it mid-May.

We are still taking monthly classes at the Art Museum. We also go to an Environmental Center every month.

So that's how our school year is progressing. What's up with you and your studies?

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  1. Did you ever check out Sonlight's science? My boys love it; and it's very easy to use, with lots of hands-on experiments. They also provide most of the materials you need. We've always liked it, and now my oldest son (14) does Sonlight science, and on his own! (It's that easy to use). Thanks for stopping by today -- I'm glad I stumbled upon you and decided to follow you. :) BTW, I lived in North Jersey for about 20 years (now in NC), and my husband's from New Providence, close to Summit.