Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School

Everywhere I look I'm seeing signs about Back To School, sales for school, buy your new curriculum, get ready for school. It's everywhere. Even the front page for Yahoo has a big Back To School logo on it. With all this advertising, it got me thinking about preparing for our next homeschool year. We have taken it easy for the summer, but we need to settle down and get to work soon. So I decided it was time to go check out what our third grade curriculum would look like. It was so easy to plan for the next year with the lesson plans all spelled out for us. I was quickly able to see what we were looking at for the year and figure out how much time we would have to devote to "school" each week. We have decided that we will do Time4Learning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will use All About Spelling on Tuesday and Thursday. We will also play online learning games on Tuesday and Thursday. We will spend ten minutes every day on Handwriting Without Tears. And we are going to start piano. I have been looking for a teacher for a long time. Since I can't find one who is reasonably priced, I have decided to teach him myself. I think I can handle at least the first year or so even though it's been a long time since my piano lesson days. That pretty much sums up our structured lessons. We will of course continue classes at Beczak Environmental Center, Teaneck Nature Center, Historic Speedwell, and various plays and musical performances throughout the year. Park days will still be on Thusdays for now and Chuck E Cheese or Funtime Junction when it get to cold for the park. I recently found a curriculum for Lego Lapbooks. We are going to organize a monthly lego club to work on the lapbooks and then just have fun with legos.

Wow, when I read over over this list it sounds like a lot. But I think it will be easy to do once we get going with it. I think we're going to start next week for a trial run. I'll let you know how it goes.

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