Sunday, August 8, 2010

My New Quilt

So I decided to make a new quilt in the Spring. I went online and found some beautiful fabrics that I couldn't live without. I ordered them and waited anxiously for them to arrive. Finally the long awaited day came. (actually it was only about three days.) I opened the package and admired the fabrics. Even more beautiful in person I thought. Then I carefully wrapped the fabric back up and put it on a shelf. Very important to quilt making you know, the fabric has to age. Finally a month or so later, I took the fabrics out again. After admiring them I finally decided to get started on my new quilt. I carefully cut each of the fabrics in to piles of 8.5 inch squares. It took me two days of putting it off and doing everything but to cut all the squares of fabric. Then I cut each square in half diagonally to make triangles. What a good job I had done. The fabric was put back on the shelf to age some more in it's new triangle shape. One day a month or so later I took out the fabric and started sewing the triangles back into squares again. I actually completed two of the colors before the fabric went back on the shelf. This time the aging process took about three months or so.

So my husband and son went on vacation to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. This left me with lots of time and the house to myself. So I thought I would pull out the quilt again. But first I had to make a patchwork dress. You know I needed to practice making patchwork. So I made a lovely dress. Now what can I do next. That bag of quilt pieces kept falling on the floor everytime I tried to look for something to do. Hey, I know, why don't I finish that silly quilt. So I took the pieces out of the zip lock bag they were stored in. I separated the pieces into piles of each color. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon sewing the rest of the triangles back in to squares. The next day I sewed the little squares together into bigger squares. Tomorrow I plan to sew the 4-patch squares into 9-patch squares. But then I need more fabric to put between the 9-patches. I ordered the fabric last night. I am hoping it will be here by next weekend. My plan then is to sew the strips between the squares to attach the whole thing together. I have ordered the backing fabric and I'm waiting for it to arrive. The quilt batting has been sitting on a shelf since I bought the original fabric. I think it has to age as well.

So there is hope. Perhaps we will have a new quilt before winter gets here. After all it is August. Only 4 more months until winter. Yeah, I think I can get it done in that length of time. Of course it may have to age again. We'll have to see how long this process actually takes.

To Be Continued.......

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