Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Saga of The Quilt

I have gone back and forth the last couple of weeks between working on my quilt and letting it rest. Finally on Sunday I decided to finish the top. I was reading Facebook before I decided to sew. Someone had posted on there that their grandmother told them if you sew on Sunday you will rip it out with your nose. I thought very funny. I'm going to go sew. I got down to just one more seam. A very long seam, 108 inches long. I started out great. But as I came down to the last few inches, the two sides didn't match. I then spent the next two hours ripping out the stitches. Regular sewing is hard enough to rip out, but this was serged. Ugg. Finally I was finished ripping. I sat down to the machine again. This time I put the other fabric on top. I know that sometimes the machine will pull a lighter fabric through quicker than the heavier fabic. So I'm sewing along just fine. I get about a foot from the end and guess what? This time the bottom fabric is too short. At this point I just threw the whole thing into the projects pile. I'm really getting tired of this quilt.

Last night I sat down and again spent two hours ripping out the serging. This time when I was finished I pinned it together. I started at one end and worked for a while. Then I went to the other end and pinned a bit. Then I went to the middle and pinned. I worked back and forth like that until the whole seam was pinned and the fabrics matched. Success. Today I sat down and stitched that last seam together, pulling pins out just as they got to the cutter blade. I can't believe it is finally all finished. Well, the top is finished anyway. I still have to put the backing and the batting on it and then tie the layers together. But for now, here's a look at the top of my quilt.

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