Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cooper Grist Mill Celebrate Apples

We were back at Cooper Grist Mill again today. This time it was for a celebration of apples. The kids each got a turn at peeling the apples with this really great apple peeler. I want one of these in my kitchen. (Especially with the 20 pounds of apples I have to turn into something in the next few days.)

Then they took the apple they had peeled and decorated it with a raisen face and apple peel hair.

Then they each took a turn at throwing quartered apples into a wooden trough.

Then they turned the crank that dropped the apples down through a chopper and into the pressing bucket.

When the bucket was full, Ms. Betty moved it over under the press. They put a wooden lid inside the bucket and then lowered the big screw like device down until it was pressing the apples. Soon we saw apple cider dripping out of the tray that lead to a gathering bucket. After a while the wheel became too hard for the kids to turn by hand. Ms. Betty gave them a lever to put in the spokes of the press. This allowed them to press the apples down even more and the juice came pouring down into the bucket.

Everyone was able to sample a bit of apple cider before we left.

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