Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been asked to write a review of the tiffin I bought from the wonderful folks over at Hip Mountain Mama. Hip Mountain Mama is a great family owned and operated business with an eye on offering the best Hip and Natural Products for Babies, Kids, and Mamas. They have a strong passion for preserving the Earth, raising their children in a conscious and natural way, and promoting other small family businesses. I hope you will take the time to head on over there and check them out. Anyway, here is what I wrote.

As a homeschooling family we are on the go a lot. We spend a lot of time eating in the car or at the park. So as part of my effort to “Go Green” I have started making reuseable sandwich wraps and snack bags. These bags work great for things like sandwiches or chips. They even work for some kinds of cut up fruits and vegetables. But what about a pasta salad or soup. I tried using glass bowls. I found some really nice pyrex bowls with plastic lids. These worked great for a while. But I have to tell you, they just don’t bounce off the side of a picnic table on to the concrete very well. Now that I am down to only one bowl left, I am looking for a better solution. I recently purchased a Tiffin from Hip Mountain Mama. This thing is the best for taking our lunch out with us. I can put soup in the top container, (It has the tightest fitting lid.) Then put a sandwich in another container. And some fruit in the third. Stack them up and flip the locks and lunch is ready to go. There is a little side car container that you can use for dips or salad dressing. If you look on Hip Mountain Mama’s web site you can find a set of bamboo To Go Ware to take along with your Tiffin. Then throw in a glass straw and a stainless steel water bottle and you have a wonderful lunch that absolutely will not end up in the trash somewhere.

The top layer of the tiffin has it’s own locking lid so you can use it by itself. It’s small enough to fit in your purse when you go out to eat. No more asking for a take out plastic or Styrofoam box to take your leftovers home in. You can even heat your leftovers in the toaster oven or on the stove top right in your tiffin.

I am so excited to have my new tiffin. I am also excited that Hip Mountain Mama asked me to write a review about the tiffin to let you all know what I think of it. It’s a great product from a wonderful environmentally conscience family owned business.


  1. Wow, a great product! I want one so I can send Sweetie's lunches with him to work in it. It looks so much better than the old, reusable plastic containers I've been using that I really don't like much.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, too. As for the Cat Litter Cake, as I have said, very easy to make, no real recipe required. Just any cakes you want to bake or buy, cookies, maybe donuts, pudding, and candy. Use your imagination, and enjoy!

  2. What a neat product! Thanks for passing along the info :)

  3. We have two tiffins, and we love them, too! I've been looking through your blog...funny you mentioned the time4learning link on my blog because I was just looking at the site earlier today, thinking about signing my son up.